Dr Leesa Payne



As a Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist, I focus on ensuring your mind and body are working in harmony so you can adapt to the stresses of daily life, rather than being overwhelmed by them.


I love working with patients who are motivated to make positive changes to their health and life and sharing this journey with them.


My chiropractic journey began when I was eight years old and my Mum took me for my first adjustment. Since then I have been adjusted regularly and consider it an integral part of my body’s health. 


When I turned 30 I decided to change careers and return to university to gain my chiropractic qualification so I could give people the same level of care I’d always received. It was definitely a challenge but it has also been a wonderful experience.


When I’m not with my patients, I enjoy my time as a travel addict, major brunch aficionado and strong devotee to my ever fluffy felines, Rusty & Holly.


Clifftop Health Centre

47 Cliff Avenue

Port Noarlunga South  SA  5167


Ph: 08 8327 1911

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